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  • Network Installs
  • By networking your PCs and printers, you can share and transfer files, folders and programs between the computers, communicate with the person on the other PC and use the printers from either PC.
  • Share one high-speed Internet connection with all PCs in your office.
  • Network Management
  • HighDash Technology can manage your company’s network including multi-server environments including.
  • Exchange Servers
  • Web Servers
  • Application Servers
  • Support Services
  • The latest workstation platforms and peripherals can also be maintained to peak performance.

computer network

  • You can buy a network in a box from almost anyone. But, is it tailored to your needs? Is it made with reliable parts?
  • Will your network perform to your specifications? Will the people you bought it from support it quickly when it needs service?
  • With HighDash Technology, quality comes before quantity, and we build our networks with parts that are hand picked and chosen for reliability and durability as well as performance.
  • Call for free quote.


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